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'Lost My Sh*t': Music sensation Oliver Anthony cancels Tennessee show over venue's high ticket prices

(Photo: Oliver Anthony/YouTube)
(Photo: Oliver Anthony/YouTube)
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Viral music sensation Oliver Anthony has canceled a show in Tennessee after he says he "lost my sh*t" over ticket prices.

The Rich Men North of Richmond singer canceled his performance at Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville after realizing there was a miscommunication over ticket prices. In an Instagram video, Anthony says there was a miscommunication leading to the establishment charging $90 for tickets and $200 for a meet-and-greet.

Anthony spotted the posting for tickets on Facebook and writes he "lost my sh*t," adding "My shows should never cost more than $40, ideally no more than $25. Hell, out of the 4 shows we have currently done, 2 of them have been completely free."

The singer took it further, saying he would refund people out of his own budget if necessary and to not buy tickets for the now-canceled event. "We will find another place in the Knoxville area that can do a $25 ticket and free meet and greet. I will work to get your tickets refunded from my own budget if they can't. This will never happen again. Thanks for your patience. I am still learning how all of this works," Anthony wrote.

Anthony is still on track to play in Nashville this weekend for Tootsie's Birthday Bash on Broadway.

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